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Zard is a Scrub who makes and sells various parts for star-racers, including explosives. He is the first suspect Rick encounters in his investigation of his crash.

Zard appears first in Treacherous Like Toros and again briefly in Agile Like Aikka. Rick goes to his shop with questions about an explosive that was found in the remains of his star-racer. Zard tries to play dumb, but when that doesn't work, he throws powder in Rick's face and tries to escape. Rick finds him hiding in an alley, complaining to himself about "accepting [that] deal". Cornered and scared, Zard admits that he knows who sabotaged Rick's ship and agrees to take him to the culprit.

True to his word, Zard leads Rick to the home of the Mad Scrub, but runs off screaming in terror, apparently afraid of the place. Zard is not seen again after that.

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