The Whizzing Arrow II was the second star racer that was brought to Alwas along with the Earth Team. It was used as a replacement for most of the preliminary competition due to Rick's crash completely destroying the Whizzing Arrow I. The only time Rick flew it was in the episode Cruel Like Ceres. Every other time, Molly was the pilot.

The Whizzing Arrow II during Paradice's virus attack

In the episode Surprising Like Super-Racer, the left reactor was in dire need of a paint-job. As an assignment placed by Rick, Molly painted an angry rabbit's head on the reactor. As a tribute to this renovation, Stan, Koji, and the Scrub mechanics placed a smaller version of the rabbit low on the Whizzing Arrow III's left reactor.


The Whizzing Arrow III with the rabbit's head painted on the left reactor

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