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Super Shark is Super-Racer's star-racer. It is the smallest in the competition, but still very powerful. It resembles an upright ring, with the cockpit on the top and a mouth with shark teeth painted on it. It has three short metal legs on the bottom that are used for a trotting/jumping start until the ship gains enough momentum to fly. There are also light laser cannons mounted on the nose.Two large metal balls turn fast around its central axis, forming a moving shield that proves efficient for both defense and attack.

Data[edit | edit source]

  • Team: Adalou
  • Pilot: Super-Racer
  • Maximum speed: 550 km/h
  • Features: Heavy metal spheres that rotate around ship.
  • Attack: Battery of small lasers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Super Shark is one of the star-racers featured in Para-dice's video game. The name is shortened to "S-Shark."

    Super Shark in the game.

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