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Sul (also spelled Sûl) is a 'magician' known across the galaxy with unusually strong telekinetic abilities that are rumored to equal those of the Avatar himself.

Sul shows little emotion and rarely reacts to the other pilots unless attacked. He does not actually use a star-racer during the competition, instead he surrounds himself with a glowing, diamond-shaped energy field conjured and controlled by his mind.

In Secret Like Sul, he states that he desires the Ultimate Prize because as the "master of space, time, and even the course of destiny", there is nothing else for him to wish for.

Sul dominates the first six races on Ōban, losing only two races, the one in the Jungle region, won by Kross and the one in the Ice Region which was won by Molly, before being eliminated by Canaletto, as his ability to alter destiny threatened to ruin his carefully laid plans.

It is possible that Sul still survived; Canaletto wasn't strong enough to kill him, instead arranging for him to be drawn through an inter-dimensional portal located at the Temple of the Heart, where he possibly continues to exist spiritually.

Abilities Edit

Telekinesis: Sul possess the psionic/psychic ability to move objects and living beings with his mere thoughts alone at long distances. He can utilize this to do feet of great magnitude:

  • Telekinetic aura (blue-white)
  • Telekinetic flight
  • Telekinetic blasts
  • Telekinetic shield
  • Telekinetic wave
  • telekinetic bursts
  • telekinetic force manipulation
  • telekinetic strangulation
  • Telekinetic blast
  • Redirect incoming missiles

Longevity: As it is implied that he participated in previous Great Races, Sul's lifespan is tremendously long, making him at least 10,000 years old.


  • In The Origin of the World, the Avatar addresses Sul as "Sul of Gumaria." Gumaria may be the name of Sul's home planet.
  • Sul is among the characters who appeared in the 2001 pilot film Molly, Star-Racer (short). The only differences in his design are the shape of his eyes and the amount of markings on his skin.
  • This could be that Sul has participated in previous Oban Finals because he asked Satis about Points system
  • He is voiced by Brian Dobson in the English-dubbed version
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