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The Stone-Crusher is Rush's star-racer. This mining aircraft is fitted with drills and gigantic mechanical arms made of sorgonic metal, an invaluable and indestructible metal that used to be found on Byrus. It is also faster than it looks, thanks to its powerful magma-fueled engines. Rush sits atop his racer, controlling it and its two extendable arms with a pair of circular control yokes.


  • Team: Byrus
  • Pilot: Rush
  • Maximum speed: 450 km/h
  • Features: Uses molten magma as fuel
  • Attack: Two mechanical arms; a drill on the right and a chainsaw on the left.


  • In Hostilities Break Out, the Stone Crusher is the star-racer that nearly runs Molly over in the Pit Area.
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    Molly facing Stone Crusher

  • The Stone Crusher is one of the star-racers featured in Para-Dice's video game.
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