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The Stern Boarding School is where Don Wei sent Eva to live after Maya died. Eva was five years old at the time and spent the next ten years of her life there.


Run with an iron fist by the despotic Mrs. Stern, the school is more like a prison than anything else. They claim to have educated young people the hard way here for six generations and are very strict about rules. The students can only leave the school during every holiday that seem all too short.

According to the dress code, all students must wear uniforms. The girls' uniform is gray skirts with matching vests, white shirts and brown neckties, while the boys's uniform is black button-up jackets and pants. Eva has been breaking the dress code for at least five years, wearing a boys' uniform since she was ten. She is never seen wearing the girls' uniform.

The school is first shown in Episode 1: A Fresh Start. Eva has just turned fifteen and waited all night in vain for a call from her father. Instead she receives word that a package has arrived for her at the front desk. The old man who works there, Ned, is the only person in the school who is friendly towards her. Ned allows Eva to take the package; a mechanical part she ordered months ago, and is against the rules for her to have. Eva wastes no time in using it to complete repairs on her rocket-seat and escapes from the school to find her father.

Afterward, the school appears mainly in flashbacks. Molly remembers the day her father left her there in In Like Flint, and she remembers the school again in Ominous Like O. In Optimised Like Ondai Don Wei calls Mrs. Stern from Oban to contact Eva, and learns that Eva had run away from the school.

At the end of The Moment Of Truth, Eva is shown attending a different school. The building is smaller, the students do not wear uniforms, and it is closer to home, so she is probably happier there.