Secret Like Sul is the twentieth episode of Ōban Star-Racers and the seventh episode of the Ōban Cycle.


Molly discovers a conspiracy by other racers to take Sul out of the competition, but struggles with how she should use this information: Stay quiet and take the opportunity to advance in the rankings, or inform Sul and give up any hope of catching the overall points leader. At the same time, Canaletto begins to set his own plans in motion.

Full RecapEdit

Molly is determined to confront Aikka about his recent betrayal but ends up following him down a hidden tunnel in the Avatar's temple. She spies Aikka in a secret meeting with Ondai, Ning, and Skun. He proposes an alliance against Sul, because if he claims first place again, he will have won. The others agree to Aikka's plan. Molly hears everything but gives herself away. As she tries to escape she runs into Satis, who brings her to his home. Molly notices the gates to each racer's pit, and she goes to Sul's in order to warn him.

But Sul ridicules Molly after he scans her memory and finds the scars that fuel her to crave the Ultimate Prize. Sul explains that her concern was an error. Molly is even more vexed when Sul says that there is nothing for him to wish for. The race starts, and Kross gains first place, with Ondai, Ning, Skun, and Aikka close behind. The four of them prepare to ambush Sul. As Molly takes second place, she wants to make sure Sul is safe. Sul, not surprisingly, took care of himself and took care of the ambush. Only Aikka is able to race after Sul is through. Sul takes second, with Aikka and Molly following him.

Canaletto has had enough with Sul's aterations of destiny. He teleports Sul to stand before him and tries to forge an alliance with him. Sul refuses, and Canaletto drags him to his oblivion through a trans-dimensional portal. Satis discovers Canaletto's activity in the temple, but he vanishes without a trace. Molly doesn't know what happened, saying they came in fourth. But Don Wei informs her that she is now in third place since Sul is gone.



  • Original French Air Date: October 18, 2006
  • Original French Title: Secret comme Sul
  • Japanese Title: スルの秘密 (Suru no himitsu, Secrets of Sul)
  • With Sul gone, Kross is now in the lead with 27 points, Ning and SkunAikka and the Earth Team are tied in second place with 12 points, and O is tied with Ondai in third place with 6 points.
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