Rush vector

Rush is a giant, Viking-like racer who, despite his intimidating appearance, is a very friendly, good natured person. His first appearance was in Hostilities Break Out when Molly nearly gets run over by his star-racer on her way to get fuel. He saves Molly from drowning after she becomes trapped inside flooding ruins. When asked why he was following them, he tells Molly and Jordan that he came to congratulate them on beating him in the race earlier that day. Apparently, on his planet the people are kown for being optimistic and looking on the bright side of things. He then says his ram horn was half-full. Rush abandoned the race to duel Toros after it was revealed to him that he was the Crog who led the invasion of his home world Byrus. He lost both the duel and the race when Toros drove his ship into a bridge over the race course, burying him in a pile of rubble and knocking him out of the playoffs. Rush had wanted to use the Ultimate Prize to undo the damage that the Crogs had done to his home world. Rush's star-racer is made of a unique metal from his homeworld that is nigh-unbreakable. However, it is also faster than it looks, thanks to its powerful magma-fueled engines. Rush sits atop his racer, controlling it and its two extendable arms with a pair of circular control yokes.

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