Revelations is the twenty-second episode of Ōban Star-Racers and the ninth episode of the Ōban Cycle.


After crashing and becoming stranded due to the attack of another racer, Molly and Jordan try to make their way across Ōban to catch up with the temple before the start of the next race. Along the way they encounter the beings that created Ōban, and learn a terrifying secret about the true nature of the Ultimate Prize; one that could rob Molly of any chance of bringing back her mother.

Full RecapEdit

Molly and Jordan find themselves trapped in the ravine after falling almost to their deaths. The Whizzing Arrow III is not totaled, but it certainly can't fly. Molly is determined to get back to the surface for the next race. A close encounter with a narrow ridge leading to an even deeper ravine leads to disaster if either one of them fall, but Jordan saves Molly at the last minute.

Then, they climb a huge flight of stairs to a coliseum-type arena. On the other side of the massive courtyard is a temple. As they make their way towards it, Molly and Jordan both experience hallucinations. Molly sees her mother right in front of her, while Jordan encounters a Molly who has the same feelings for him. When the sun sets the illusions vanish, and Molly and Jordan are suddenly surrounded by evil spirits. The two flee into the safety of the temple. Inside they find the walls decorated with murals full of symbols and beings they do not recognize.

Further inside the temple, Molly and Jordan encounter the Creators, beings that look like floating orbs of light. They reveal themselves as the last remnants of an ancient race that created Ōban and the whole galaxy. They also tell them of the true nature of the Ultimate Prize and the meaning to the Great Race of Ōban. Every ten thousand years, a new Avatar is chosen. That is the Ultimate Prize-- becoming the new Avatar. Molly's dreams and hopes of being reunited with Maya are shattered. However, she and Jordan find a magic portal. It takes them straight to Satis's apartment in the Avatar's temple.



  • Original French Title: Révélations
  • Original French Air Date: November 8, 2006
  • Japanese Title: 新事実 (Shin jijitsu, New evidence)
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