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The Race Judges

These three Scrubs are the Race Judges during the Pre-Selections on Alwas. They call the contestants at the beginning of each new race and keep an eye on its progress. Proud and well aware of their importance, their diligence and impartialty are sometimes questionable.

One way the Judges cause problems is with Special Rules. They announce these randomly at the beginning of a race, but don't bother explaining to the pilots what the rules are. They first do this in In Like Flint, when they announce the special Trap Circuit rule. They don't explain the rule because they have rigged the entire race track to fix the race in favor of Flint, their local champion.

However, the Judges have no excuse for not explaining the rules in Playful Like Para-Dice with the Arena Race, or again in Resistant Like Rush with the Target Race. It is possible that the Judges hold a grudge against the Earth Team after they defeat Flint and want to put them at a disadvantage in the races, though it is more likely that they are simply lazy.
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