The Pre-Selections are part of a tough qualifying round for the Great Race of Ōban. They are held simultaneously on three planets equidistant from Ōban; Alwas, Sangrar and Darwar.

The Avatar invites ninety-six teams from across the galaxy to compete in each of the three planets. The rules of the pre-selections are simple; the pilots face each other in pairs on closed circuits. After the first four qualifying rounds, the six teams still competing will race during the play-offs. The best three, and those three only, will win their ticket to Ōban.

Basic Rule and Special RulesEdit

The Avatar sets only one rule for the competition: the star-racers may achieve victory by any means, as long as they do not attempt to take the lives of their opponents.

Killing a competitor intentionally would lead to immediate disqualification, and complete disgrace for the offenders nation. On the other hand, there are no limits regarding the type of embedded weapons that can be used, the size of the star-racers or even the number of team members, which can vary enormously from one team to another.

On top of this one Basic Rule, a Special Rule can be added - one that can be used to spice things up. This rule - race with traps, target race, duel in a closed arena, for example - can be introduced randomly by the Race Judges at the beginning of each new race.

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