Playful Like Para-Dice is the sixth episode of Oban Star-Racers.


Jordan believes that he and Molly need a rest from all of the intense racing they've survived. Para-Dice, a cat-like creature and a racing prodigy, deceives the two of them into a racing arcade. They are unaware of the arcade being linked up to the Arrow II, and they almost destroy it while it is in the garage. Even with a damaged Star-Racer, can Molly out-race Para-Dice in the arena?

Full Recap

While outside, Jordan tells Molly that the two of them need a break from all of the intense racing. They are invited to a local game arcade, which is run by Para-Dice, a cat-like alien who is their next racing opponent. Para-Dice rigs the arcade's computer system to the Earth Team's computers, and when Molly and Jordan play the Arrow II in the game arcade, it is linked to the real one! The Arrow II goes berserk in the hangar, and almosts hurts Stan. Molly and Jordan lose the game, and the Arrow II is totalled. When they return, relieved to know it was a game, chaos and destruction awaits them. They then realize that this wasn't a game... they unknowingly destroyed their own Star-Racer!

Para-Dice's virus then infiltrates all of their computers, and Para-Dice herself is revealed and challenges Molly to beat her, if she can. After patching up the Arrow II, Molly and Jordan get to the coliseum, when the judges decide that this is an arena race. Molly gets a head start in the arena, but with one engine weakened, it will be tough to keep out of danger. Para-Dice's missiles have an invincible lock-on system, and it seems as if there is no escape, until Molly uses the pipes to hide. Para-Dice then taunts her, saying that the Ultimate Prize-- any wish granted-- is what Para-Dice covets more than her. Don Wei is stricken by this information while watching the race.

At the last moment, Molly finds the way out of the arena and she wins the race. Don Wei then calls up the President of the Earth Coaliton on his hologram communicator, and discusses what the Ultimate Prize is. When Molly questions him about it afterward, Don tells her that she will know when the time is right.



  • Featured Race: Earth Team v.s. Para-Dice
  • Original French Title: Piquee comme Para-Dice
  • Original French Air Date: May 10, 2006
  • ABC Family Air Date: July 15, 2006
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