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The Phils are a polymorphic species that was friendly toward Humans and participated in the First interplanetary championship on Earth. The Ōban semi-finalist Spirit is a member of this race. Only two other Phils were ever shown, including Siru, their representative during the First Interplanetary championship.


Members of this race have the appearance of black skinned humanoids with long pointed ears and wild spiky hair. They do not have faces but rather a mask-like visage with unique designs depending on the individual. They are capable of retracting the mask into their "skin" and obscuring it from view, as well as changing its size.

Physically they appear human while dressed, but underneath their anatomy is more alien. Their arms and legs are loosely connected to their torso due to large slits that run through their body. The slits expand in size prior to transformation into other forms. This allows them to position their bodies in odd angles that apparently accommodate their shape shifting abilities.


Phils are polymorphic and capable of shape-shifting. The full range of these abilities is not known except for what has been observed from Spirit. He is capable of morphing in to a giant bird-like creature for flight, and can also wrap his whole body around another star-racer.

Phils are also mute and use telepathy to communicate instead of speech. The only time this ability was seen was when Spirit used it to read Molly's memories of her mother's crash, and subsequently transferred his own memories back to her. The extent of Phils' telepathic abilities is unknown, and it is implied that they require physical contact with the recipient.

Misc. Edit

In Ominous Like O, Don Wei calls Spirit "a Phils" indicating that the word is both singular and plural.

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