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Para-Dice is the fourth pilot faced by the Earth Team during the Pre-Selections. Though she saw the Great Race as little more than a game, she was the one to reveal the Ultimate Prize's "true" nature to the Earth Team.

Coming from a race with an extremely high IQ, Para-Dice is a small budding prodigy who designed and assembled her star-racer by herself. Still, she remains a child (she was about to turn 12 at the time of her race). She doesn't like being scolded or scoffed at by anyone, and often hatches schemes to get her revenge.

Para-Dice faced the Earth Team in Playful Like Para-Dice. Through trickery and computer hacking, Para-Dice managed to sabotage the Whizzing Arrow II before her race against the Earth Team, damaging the ship's left engine. When the time for the race came, the Race Judges decided it would be an Arena Race, meaning the two ships would face each other in a closed area. Para-Dice very nearly destroyed the Whizzing Arrow II, but Molly won the race by finding the Arena's exit and crossing the finish line.

Para-Dice is last seen briefly in Make Way! She is at the port with the other alien pilots waiting to return to their planets.
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Para-Dice at the harbor.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is a pun on Paradise.
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