Ominous Like O is the twenty-first episode of Ōban Star-Racers and the eighth episode of the Ōban Cycle.


With the end of the grand finals approaching, Don Wei confesses that he knows Molly's true identity, and finally reveals why he left her behind ten years earlier, but Molly is not ready to make amends just yet. During the next race, a vicious attack by another racer results in a terrifying crash that may finally spell the end of the Earth Team's pursuit of the Ultimate Prize.

Full RecapEdit

Right after Sul's disappearance, Molly and Jordan are watching the sunrise, and Molly falls asleep on Jordan's shoulder. When Don Wei comes by in the morning, he sternly tells Jordan to leave. When he is alone with Molly, he calls her Eva and finally breaks it to her that he knows she is his daughter. Eva wryly tells him that it took him long enough. Don tries to explain that he tried to make Maya stop her dangerous racing. Even though she was Earth's champion, intergalactic species said otherwise. Don witnessed the aggressive flying of Spirit and warned Maya not to risk her life, but she flew anyway and died in the race.

Don then tells Eva that she was a reminder of his wife's death, and he had to make sure she didn't wallow in the same sorrow throughout her childhood, so he took her to the Stern Boarding School. As Eva grew older, she tells Don, she tried to make herself think that her father was just too busy to deal with her. Eva then admits that at this point, she really doesn't feel anything for Don.

The next race abruptly starts. Kross and O, someone who has been ignored in the race so far, makes his name by taking the lead. Kross locks onto him and launches a plasma concentration directly at O. Surprisingly, O revitalizes himself and sends an energy wave blast at Kross. Kross's trident is unharmed, but the same cannot be said for the Whizzing Arrow III. It falls down into the canyon and crashes.

Prince Aikka rushes to help Molly, but he is unable to find her; Stan declares that they can't do anything to help them, communications have been cut off. The native creatures of Ōban are able to find Molly and Jordan and revive them. The two of them slowly come back to consciousness.



  • Original French Air Date: October 25, 2006
  • Original French Title: Omniscient comme O
  • Japanese Title: 不気味なオー (Bukimina Ō, Spooky O)
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