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Ning and Skun are two very proud and aggressive warriors from the destroyed planet Inna. They both want the Ultimate Prize to reunite their people, who are scattered throughout the galaxy.

Skun can make her fingernails grow into very long claws. She is also extremely strong, tearing a hole in the Arrow III's hull with her bare hands in the episode Nervous Like Ning & Skun. It is unknown if Ning shares this ability.

In Secret Like Sul, Ning and Skun form a temporary alliance with Prince Aikka and Ondai to remove Sul from the race. At first they are upset with the prince for shooting them down in the previous race and Skun even threatens to kill him. She backs off when Aikka explains his plan, but remains hesitant until Ning decides the Ultimate Prize is worth it. The group ambushes Sul in the day's race, but their attack fails and Sul easily defeats them all.

Though Ning and Skun are known to be fierce, they also have a deep bond of loyalty to each other, as shown when deciding to compete to be the next Avatar, they do not want to be separated. And when they are about to ambush Kross, tell each other they have no regrets and that "whatever happens, I'm glad it was with you".

Skun model sheet

Their species is made up of females only, and their star-racer is distinctive in that it is actually two ships that fly in tandem, but are capable of combining to form a more powerful craft. After combining their ships, they gain the ability to use an extremely powerful heat-seeking plasma cannon. Their star racers are rectangle-shaped, red with a black border and, when it is two separate racers, are driven like motorcycles.

In the episode Canaletto's Revenge, they challenge Kross for the last gate. Although it is never seen, the battle is witnessed from afar by Molly, and the fact Kross emerges victorious, implies that they were killed. This proves to be false when in the final episode both are shown to have survived.


  • Ning and Skun were assumed to be sisters in the English dub, since Ning calls Skun 'sis' at one point in Nervous Like Ning & Skun. This is incorrect, as series creator Savin Yeatman-Eiffel has stated they are more like lovers. The Art of Ōban Star-Racers confirms this.
  • Ning and Skun are among the characters who appear in the 2001 pilot film Molly, Star-Racer (short). At the time, Skun's hair was red and the front of her outfit was more revealing.