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The Mad Scrub was a servant of Canaletto and one of the people involved in the sabotage of Rick Thunderbolt's crash.

He makes a small appearance in Hostilities Break Out, sneaking into the Earth Team's pit and planting explosives in their ship. The explosion caused the ship to crash and injured the pilot badly enough that he could never fly again.

He appears again at the end of Treacherous Like Toros and in a flashback in Agile Like Aikka. In the investigation of his crash, Rick finds Zard, a Scrub who makes and sells explosives. Zard leads Rick to the Mad Scrub's house, which has Canaletto's symbol painted on the front door. Inside, the symbol is on almost every surface, and a small idol of Canaletto himself is on a table. Rick finds the Mad Scrub huddled against a wall with his back turned. The Scrub, mistaking Rick for Canaletto, begs to be left alone. He blurts out in fear that he did as he was told when he sabotaged the human's ship. Angry, Rick grabs the Scrub and demands to know who told him to do it. The Scrub, seeing Rick is not his master, loses his fear and cackles in reply "The Timeless One!" As soon as he says this, a strange wind blows and a bolt of lightning flashes. Rick asks who the Timeless One is, but the Scrub only says "He's coming, coming now". Seeing how scared he is, Rick puts him down and tries talking to him again, but the Scrub is scrambles back to his hiding spot, leaving Rick with the stone pendant he had around his neck.

After Rick leaves, the house starts shaking and all the symbols glow. Canaletto then appears in the Scrub's house. The next minute, the house bursts into flames. Not only is all of Rick's evidence destroyed in the process, but so is the Mad Scrub.

He has another short appearance in The Moment Of Truth, when Canaletto tells Molly of his involvement in Rick's crash and shows her the Scrub doing his bidding.

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