Lord Furter is the captain of a space-galleon, as bad-tempered as he is egocentric. He is easily recognizable due to him being the smallest in stature of all the racers, as well as his habit of keeping his very large tongue hanging outside his mouth, having at first the appearance of a scarf or ascot. Being a self-proclaimed pirate, he only sees the Ultimate Prize as a treasure to be claimed. He is the tertiary antagonist of the oban cycle.

His star-racer is a large, slow, pirate ship-like vehicle armed with four cannons, capable of firing either energized cannon balls or tow cables. It also carries a pair of powerful (if rather slow-firing) guns hidden in its masts. Furter's crew can usually be seen running about the deck, going about their duties and panicking when shot at.

The vessel was destroyed by Kross in the episode Canaletto's Revenge when he rammed his star racer into it, splitting it in two before it exploded; all the crew escaped, but Lord Furter tried to prove his loyalty to his ship by not abandoning it, though at the last moment he has a change of heart and flees just as his ship explodes. After the race is over, his crew members return to where they came from and are assumed to continue their careers as pirates, but Furter himself is conspicuously absent.


  • Lord Furter is one of the characters who first appeared in the 2001 pilot film Molly, Star-Racer. Unlike most of the others, his ship and crew are also shown.
  • Lord Furter is named after Dr. Frank-N-Furter of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Lord Furter is the only one of the nine finalists who didn't score a single point in any of the races.
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