is the second pilot for the Crog Imperium, replacing Toros during the Ōban Cycle. He is stronger, more treacherous and cruel than his predecessor. He is the secondary antagonist of the oban cycle.



In 2052, Kross was in charge of the Earth invasion, but the truce of the Great Race forced him to retreat and swallow his ambition. He plans to use the Ultimate Prize for galactic domination.

Ōban CycleEdit

Kross pilots a much stronger version of the Trident, the star fighter used by Toros on Alwas; his is equipped with more cutting blades, and a fixed bow weapons pod that fire sickle like laser bolts, a large laser sword, and can fire heat-seeking energy torpedoes.

Because the rules of the race forbid him to intentionally kill his opponents, Kross often manipulates Prince Aikka into helping him thwart the other pilots. His methods of coercion range from physical violence to holding Aikka's family hostage. In the final race, Aikka finally rebels against Kross and teams up with Molly to defeat him.

After revealing the true nature of the Ultimate Prize to the Crog Imperium, Kross is made their Supreme Ruler. In the final race, Kross stalks and attempts to eliminate all the pilots. He successfully takes down Ning and Skun, then Lord Furter, and finally Aikka. In the end, it comes down to a sprint between him and Molly. Kross attempts to land on top of Molly and cut her racer in two, but a last second maneuver by Molly sends Kross's fighter plowing into the ground. Kross' last words are a surprised curse of "By Kramm" as his ship crashes and explodes with him in it.


  • Savin Yeatman-Eiffel says: "At the beginning of the writing process there was only one Crog racer (seen in the Molly, Star-Racer trailer). But once I decided that Molly would beat him at the end of the first cycle, it became clear Toros would have to be replaced by a new tougher Crog racer in the second cycle. It was needed to restore credibility to the Crogs' threat. Also, for those who wondered, Kross and Toros are not directly related."
  • Kross got his scar during the invasion of Byrus, Rush's home planet.
  • Despite being the Secondary Antagonist of the Oban Cycle, Kross has more screentime and appears more frequently than Canaletto (The Main Antagonist of the Oban Cycle)
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