King-lao queen-nori

King Lao and Queen Nori are Prince Aikka's parents and the rulers of the Kingdom of Nourasia.

Surrounded on all sides by the Crog Imperium, the reigning couple of Nourasia has little leeway. The king dreams of winning the Ultimate Prize so that he can battle his neighbors. But for now he must play a submissive role to avoid further conflict--a tricky situation to be in.

While away from his home world, Aikka communicates with his parents through a sort of magic mirror. He first mentions receiving direct orders from his father in Agile Like Aikka, and those orders are to eliminate the Earth Team in the day's race. Although Aikka is reluctant to do this, he is bound to obey the king's wishes as both a prince and a knight.

Both the king and queen make their only appearance in The Origin of the World, when they contact Aikka on Oban. Lao very stiffly informs his son that the Crogs have landed in the Holy City of Dol. Aikka is horrified by this news as it means his family is being held hostage, but Lao goes on to tell him that he must now obey the Crogs as he would obey the king. Nori quickly steps into the image then, telling Aikka not to worry for their safety and to remain faithful to his code. Then the screen fades out.

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