On the first episode of Oban Star Racers, the preface states: "In the second quarter of the Twenty-first century, the advent of Sublight Transportation marked the beginning of an unprecedented wave of human expansion. Human explorers discovered new planetary systems and colonized them, traveling further and further into the unknown. In 2057, Earth's most agressive neighbors, the Crogs, launched a treacherous surprise attack. Caught off guard, the Earth Coalition put up a desperate defence. Their forces [...] and the Crogs were narrowly defeated. Humans have since lived in peace with thier neighbors. That is, until today." Later, while the President is explaining to Don Wei the importance of the Great Race of Oban, the President states: "It began 25 years ago. I was just a young counselor then. The Crog's final assault seemed imminent and we were preparing for the worst when suddenly this 'visitor' appeared. The visitor then stated: "Greetings, people of Earth. Despite your insignificance in the eyes of the universe, I, the Avatar, invite you to join the beings of the galaxy in the Great Race of Oban. Be ready: the hour of your ultimate prize is near."

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