The Grand Finals are the final stage of races in the Great Race of Oban.

At the end of the Pre-Selections, the nine finalists are all brought to Oban for the finals. This time, all the competitors face each other at the same time, through the vast and wild landscapes of the planet. Released above a new area at the beginning of each race, the pilots must go through a series of Stone Doors to win. These are located at regular intervals along the course -- some easy to find, others more difficult. Since two competitors cannot go through them simultaneously, fights will always break out.

The top three at the end of a race all earn points on the leader board: nine points for the winner, six points for second place and three points for third. The contestant who gets the highest score at the end of the nine races will be crowned winner of the competition -- and will receive the much coveted Ultimate Prize from the hands of the Avatar.

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