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Aikka's giant beetle may not be the fastest star-racer of the competition, but it's certainly the handiest. Named G'dar, it has mastered the art of avoiding its opponent's fire. It also has two elytra (wing cases), which act as excellent shields against frontal assaults. There is a strong and trusting bond between the mount and its rider.


  • Team: Nourasia
  • Pilot: Prince Aikka
  • Maximum speed: 450 km/h
  • Features: Giant Beetle
  • Attack: Aikka's magic arrows; claws.


The relationship between a rider and his beetle is a very close one, almost symbiotic. It is started at an early age in order to build up gradually a complete respect and trust of one another. None others than the Nourasian Knights manage to achieve this.

Though Aikka may be the only person who can ride G'dar, that doesn't mean G'dar is unfriendly. In its first meeting with Molly in Treacherous Like Toros, it seems to sense that she can be trusted and allows her to approach and even pet it while it is injured.

Of all the living 'ships' in the competition, only G'dar is a character separate from his pilot. Usually this is not a problem since the mount and rider are very like-minded, but there is at least one instance when they briefly disagree. In Make Way! Aikka is ordered by the Crogs to lose to Spirit and he struggles to keep G'dar from gaining on their opponent. G'dar protests loudly, and Aikka quickly understands that by obeying the Crogs they are betraying everything they believe in. Thus, Aikka chooses to win the race.

Aikka also shows great concern for G'dar's well-being and vice versa. If G'dar is seriously hurt or in some other kind of trouble, Aikka will stop what he is doing to care for it. Likewise, when Aikka is in trouble, G'dar protects him and tries to help him as well as he can.


  • G'dar weighs 5 tons.
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