Flint is a pilot from Alwas, one of the host planets of the Pre-Selections matches. Somewhat arrogant and not quite as good as he seems; the Race Judges fix the races for him, since he's the home-town favorite.


Flint makes a short early appearance in Hostilities Break Out, and another in Grave Like Grooor where he wins a race against an unknown pilot by sheer luck. He is officially introduced in In Like Flint when he races agains the Earth Team. The race is a trap circuit, and it is fixed by the Race Judges to make Flint win the race. Flint seems oblivious to this fact, though. Molly is able to dodge the obstacles and win the race, while Flint's own cockiness brings about the destruction of his star-racer and humiliates him in front of all his fans.

In The Will to Win, Flint and Marcel confront Stan and Koji. The Human mechanics are scrounging the village but are unable to locate spare parts to repair the Whizzing Arrow II. Koji considers asking the Scrubs for help, but Stan is not so courageous. Flint and Marcel are also wary of them at first, even sending dozens of worms to chase them into a corner. When Koji explains that they need to repair their star-racer, Flint gets an idea. Flint reasons that if he can help the Earth Team reach Oban, then he will have lost to the best team in the galaxy and that this would "restore" him in the eyes of his fans. Flint and Marcel then lead Stan and Koji to a star-racer graveyard, where they find all the spare parts they need and more.

Flint appears again in Make Way! with Marcel to cheer for the Earth Team in their rematch against Toros.

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