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One of the Coalition's space colonies

The Earth Coalition is the governing body of the planet Earth and its colonies.


In 2052, the rapid space expansion of the Humans lead to the creation of the Earth Coalition in order to take into account the specific claims and needs of the young colonies. The Coalition groups together the planets that the Humans have colonized -- a dozen in total. It is run by an assembly elected by universal suffrage, whose members elect a President responsible for running the executive branch. The economic and political center of this body remains the Earth, even though the settlements become increasingly important.

The Coalition's defenses was put to the test shortly after its formation by Earth's most aggressive neighbors, the Crogs. This started in 2054 with the destruction of the space base on Xi Bootis 2, followed by a series of skirmishes in the colonies for the next two years. Then in 2057, the Crogs attempted to invade the Earth, but the Earth troops mounted a fierce resistance and, according to the official report, managed to push back the invaders.

In the 2060s and 2070s, the authority of the President of the Earth Coalition and the defense budget increased considerably. Transactions with the aliens on Xi Bootis 2 began again, and the memory of the Crogs' threat faded away. In 2076, President McMullen was elected by the Parliament of the Earth Coalition. By 2082, the year in which the Great Race of Ōban began, McMullen was still in office.

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