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Earth is the home planet of the Human species and the center of the Earth Coalition.


Thanks to new technology in the 2020's, the Humans launched their space exploration and colonization with great enthusiasm. Earth seemed to have gone unnoticed by the rest of the galaxy until the year 2050, when a group of explorers led by Captain William Wilde discovered a trading post on Xi Boötis 2 used by several advanced alien nations. This discovery paved the way for business to be done with the aliens, and gave an extra boost to the space expansion. By 2052, the Humans had colonized a dozen planets and formed the Earth Coalition to manage them.

However, the Crogs did not approve of the Earth's rising power in this part of the galaxy. In 2057 the Crogs launched a treacherous surprise attack on the Earth. According to the official report, the Earth Coalition's resistance saved the day and forced the Crogs retreat. But the true story was that the Avatar had just announced the Great Truce, a 25 year period in which all civilized people of the galaxy must lay down their arms and prepare their teams peacefully for the Great Race of Oban. Not wanting to offend the Avatar, the Crogs decided to end their attack on Earth. As for the Humans, the Earth's leaders decided to keep the Avatar's invitation top secret and claimed victory.

In the year 2072, the first friendly racing contest was held on Earth with two of its alien neighbors; the Phils and the Clans. Maya Wei was the champion pilot for the Humans and Spirit was the champion of the Phils. But when the two pilots raced each other, Maya's ship suddenly caught fire and crashed, killing her instantly.

Ten years later, in May 2082, the Avatar's spaceship appeared near Earth. President McMullen, leader of the Earth Coalition, realized that the future of the Earth would depend on the outcome of the Great Race of Oban. With just one day left to prepare, he went to race manager Don Wei and put him in charge of getting a ship and a team to represent Earth in the race.

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