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The Creators were the first people of the galaxy. As their name suggests, they created Ōban, and used the mother planet's power to create the rest of the galaxy.

However, some of them wanted to claim all the power for themselves, and a terrible battle broke out in the Arena of the Heart. In an instant, their civilization was destroyed along with most of the galaxy.

Only nine Creators survived. To cleanse themselves from the horrors of the destructive battle, they gave up their immortality and became little more than ghosts, now residing in the Pyramid Room of the Temple of the Heart. They decided that the next master of Ōban would be chosen from one of the planets they created in a competition held every 10,000 years. Thus, the Great Race of Ōban was born.

In Revelations, Molly and Jordan meet the Creators in the Temple. They come out of the Pyramid when Molly touches it and appear as a ring of nine glowing spheres. After a terse introduction, the Creators tell Molly and Jordan their story. Molly is angry to learn that the Ultimate Prize is not what she wanted, but the Creators simply tell her to leave and disappear.

The Creators appear again in The Moment Of Truth. Canaletto has Molly activate the Pyramid for him so he can take the prize, but the Creators refuse to let him. This time they appear in different shapes, looking like glowing primitive drawings of people.


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