Canaletto's Revenge is the twenty-fourth episode of Ōban Star-Racers and the eleventh episode of the Ōban Cycle.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The final race has arrived and the stakes couldn't be higher. Kross, having learned the Ultimate Prize's true nature, goes on a rampage taking down all racers in his path. In the end, all that stands in his way is Molly. When the smoke clears and the race is concluded, a fateful decision by the victor unleashes an evil that should have never been set free.

Full Recap[edit | edit source]

The last race has begun. There is only one gate this time, and battles start almost instantly. Ning and Skun try to gang up on Kross, but they are unable to defeat his trident. Then, Ondai confronts Aikka, but Aikka paralyzes Ondai's computer systems and short out his Star-Racer. Then, Molly and Jordan run into Lord Furter, and the two of them face off. Furter manages to get the two pinned down but Kross intervenes, ramming Furter's ship and slicing it in two. O, meanwhile, finds a large crater and remembers an ancient battle between Satis and Canaletto. He settles down in the crater and waits.

Later, Molly finds Aikka, and after Jordan becomes more diplomatic, the three of them team up against Kross. Aikka lands a hit on Kross's ship but is shot down. Molly tries to save him but he uses a spell to stop her from doing so. Molly and Kross are left to compete for the final gate. Molly is able to pass Kross by activating the Whizzing Arrow III's hyper drive. Kross tries to spear her with his trident blade, but Molly jolts the steering at the last minute and avoids it. Kross crashes into the ground, and Molly flies through the gate and wins the race.

Moments later, Molly is teleported to Satis's altar, where she is to become the Avatar. But she refuses and goes back to her module, intending to Aikka. This turns out to be a foolish decision, as Satis's power runs out. Without an Avatar, Ōban is defenseless, and Canaletto breaks out of his prison. He confronts Satis to reclaim his power as the Avatar, but Satis destroys the Pyramid of Power just in time. Satis is too weak to fight Canaletto, though, and is easily tossed aside. The temple turns black and falls from the sky, and Ōban becomes a wasteland. The entire Earth Team piles into the Arrow III just before the temple crashes to the ground. Molly watches the explosion in horror, realizing that this disaster is her fault.

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  • Original French Air Date: December 11, 2006
  • Original French Title: La revanche de Canaletto
  • Japanese Title: カナレットの復讐 (Kanaretto no fukushū, Revenge of Canaletto)
  • Part 1 of the Ōban Star Racers: A JETIX Blockbuster trilogy.
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