Maitre d'armes original

Canaan is Prince Aikka's fencing master. His role on the Nourasian team is similar to that of a racing manager.

Apart from G'dar, nobody knows the prince as well as his old fencing master. Exiled from the palace at the end of his childhood, according to the custom for royal family members, the young prince spent the following years training and practicing with his father's former army general. Behind his apparent coldness, Canaan likes the prince more than anything in the world and would give his life for him without the slightest hesitation.

Along with G'dar, Canaan is Aikka's most constant companion in the series and accompanies him from Alwas to Ōban. He is a skilled swordsman who pushes Aikka hard in his training, as well as maintaining loyalties to their kingdom and their alliance with the Crogs. This may be why Canaan seems disapproving of Aikka's friendship with Molly. In Treacherous Like Toros, when she comes to the Nourasian pit to see Aikka, Canaan accuses her of spying and even threatens her with his sword. Fortunately for Molly, Aikka intervenes and later tells her that his fencing master is "a bit of a nuisance, but he means well."

Nevertheless, Canaan is completely loyal to the prince and does indeed risk his life for him on at least one occasion. At the beginning of Optimised Like Ondai, Kross hits Aikka and Canaan fearlessly throws himself at the Crog to defend the prince. Kross overpowers Canaan, even breaking his sword with his bare hands, but even then he refuses to give in until Aikka begs Kross to stop hurting him.

After the truth of the Ultimate Prize is revealed, Canaan is the only person Aikka can talk to about whether he should still try to win the race. Canaan convinces him to continue and advises him not to put too much faith in Molly to win instead, as she does not have the power to save their kingdom. In the final episode he is shown to have survived the chaos on Ōban and returns to Nourasia with Aikka and G'dar.


  • Canaan is never referred to by name in the series, and actually received his name from the fans. The subject of the Fencing Master's name came up in a Question & Answer session with Savin Yeatman-Eiffel on the Official OSR Forums. His response was: "I never gave him a name but I'd be happy to use this suggestion from the fans. Let's all call him Canaan from now on." This decision became official enough that it was printed in The Art of Ōban Star-Racers.
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